(ii)  their attitude is like the ‘unsteady
walk of the blind’.

***2.)  Urgency of the time:

a.)  We [SH] do not ignore its extreme

b.)  Manifests in many ways.

c.)  Can recognize by the general
Higher Tension it creates in various

3.)  It is difficult to combine seem-like
contradictory (or polar opposites):

a.)  urgency with harmony,

b.)  excess with moderation,

But life provides the proper place for
Especially Important from:
Agni Yoga: Supermundane

* * *

# 103.)  Need Totality of Sacrificial

1.)  Urusvati knows the urgency of the

*a.)  The world is carrying forward
irresistibly and ceaselessly–

*b.)  So the tempo of work must keep in
correspondent pace with the race
(or Higher Evolution) into Infinity

c.)  But people..

prefer not to notice this tempo,