***4.)  Also cannot achieve needed
motion if still:

 partially, superficially or

 lazy, half-way, half-hearted..

 lukewarm, wavering, back-and-forth
between selfish and Selfless..

(not mindful or attentive)..

(give up easily) … “striving.”

In other words, still struggling with own
earthly desires and selfishness.
May 2017

""Special Attention & Warning:
Of Urgency Now at End Times""

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Lord reminded: everyone must
"""Totality of Striving""".

LMW: Because in order to move
along with force of Higher Evolution—
one needs progressive motion,
through Higher Spiritual Tension.

Like cutting hard fruit, one has to apply
more force (as co-measurement,
through one’s ""Totality of Striving"").

Holding onto lower (earthly) focuses
will NOT achieve needed motion..