6.)  The Subtle World helps in this
research, because it is replete [full] with
subtlest chemical activitieswhich:

a.)  facilitate distant communications.

b.)  create the circumstances for
sensitive discrimination.

Psychochemistry experiments:

a.)  Everyone can begin – by observing
why one feels attraction or repulsion to
certain objects.

b.)  In time, will ‘take up’ by chemical

*8.)  So let us be cautious with all
surrounding objects, without losing
efficiency of action
4.)  As all objects have:

a.)  emanations.

b.)  chemical aspects.

-•- Research in psychochemistry

5.)  People will discover the effect of
psychochemical reactions on the most
elementary substances.

a.)  Even now, careful observation will
help to analyze such phenomena.

b.)  From small facts, one can march
onto great discoveries, even
concerning interplanetary influences.