[  (I)  criticism from ignorant ones to
Higher Wiser Ones, even so-called
“constructive criticism”*

out of one’s DOUBT and DISTRUST:

a.)  Is away from Complete Total Love.

b.)  Cannot approach to Lord and
Spiritual Hierarchy.

II)  It is not “criticism” or “judging”
when Higher Wiser Ones, out of
Selfless Love and Caring—

""Telling Truth, through their
Enormous Experience""

i)  For receiver’s own

ii)  Giving them True Knowledge;

iii)  Eventually lead [receiver] to
achieve Self-Perfection.
(# 86.)  Total Love as Trustworthy

1.)  Great Spiritual Tension.
How to achieve?

)  We will say, “Turn to Us with all
your mind, and all your heart

b.)  Easier to say, than to do..

*c.)  Only achievable by Complete
""Total Love"", without criticism.

*d.)  Where there is criticism,
there is not ""Total Love"".

[ *** Important Notes for spiritual
seeker’s own Self-Improvement
eventually lead to achieve Self-
* is a contradiction of words,
since criticism is always