d.)  Only pure silver can vibrate to it.

***e.)  Is the fiery substance.

***5.)  Wearing objects magnetized
by Benevolent Beings will help one
to harmonize with Primal Energy.

6.)  Truly, We are Brothers and Sisters
born of Fire.

a.)  So when you visualize Us–

b.)  Surround Our Images with Fire,

c.)  And We will recognize you by the
fiery seed

7.)  [ Analogy: 3 fundamental worlds as
3 kinds of ocean currents –
see original
Agni Yoga, Supermundane, 85.
3.)  Magnetism of objects:

a.)  water you know.

b.)  certain metals manifest with more

c.)  Can see in rings that change color–
depending on events.

d.)  Urusvati’s ring can become red,
black or yellow.

The Primal Energy (not the ring):

a.)  Will warn about the essence of

b.)  Indicates the events.

c.)  Its radiations are of special interest
to Us.