a.)  Until the feeling of it – becoming as
real, as the feeling of any solid object.

*b.)  Feeling is require – because
knowledge alone cannot understand
the energy.

3.)  Even after accepted the
fundamental existence of ""only
one energy""..

*a.)  To progress—one must also learn
to picture (or imagine) its innumerable

b.)  Man’s narrow thoughts – limits his
perception of the properties of this
energy; in turn limits his understanding.

Lofty [noble, highly moral]
helps to avoid harmful
Approachable Basic Guideline for:
Agni Yoga: Supermundane

# Introduction

Friend, before we discuss about the

*1.)  One must realize energy as the
foundation of Existence;

a.)  Many will not understand what this

b.)  Others cannot think clearly about:
the significance of ""only one
fundamental energy"" in everything‒
in the Universe.

2.)  So must train one’s thought upon
idea of energy,