a.)  just by a small landslide.

b.)  a small dam – can change a
mountain stream into a lake.

c.)  if in dire need – can immediately
transform the entire district.

2.)  Even the most advanced aircraft
cannot discover Our Abode.

By the power of thought, can divert
organized expeditions [or those trying
to get access to the Tower uninvited].

By utilize chemical effects, can
prevent the approach of the curious

Thus do We safeguard the
Approachable Basic Guideline for:
Agni Yoga: Supermundane

* * *

(PART 1) Supermundane: 1 – 49.

[ NOTE: # is match to the numbering
used in the available, original
Agni Yoga: Supermundane. ]

* * *

# 1.)  Safeguarding the Tower

Urusvati knows ""the Tower of Chun"",
and remembers how its exterior
resembles [looks like] a natural cliff.

1.)  Easy to conceal [hide], and prevent
access to this Tower–