II.)  Agni Yoga: Supermundane
was partly transmitted by the Master
Koot Hoomi, to Helena Roerich
(according to Mr. Benjamin Creme).

III.)  Supermundane is:

1.)  Inner Life, through Inner World.

2.)  Almost half of mankind’s entire life
belongs to this Inner Life

Middle World between Earth
and Higher Fiery World(s)

Real Locality of the
"""Lord of the World’s"""

Head Center (Shambhala);

Heart Center
(Spiritual Hierarchy)
Chapter 48

Approachable Basic Guideline for:
Agni Yoga: Supermundane

Intro / Chapter Notes ***

Welcome back, Brothers and Sisters!

I.)  ""Lord Maitreya’s Book One""
is both:

Agni Yoga: The Call
(aka Leaves of Morya’s Garden I)

2.)  Agni Yoga: Supermundane
(aka The Inner Life)*

[ *  Lord’s Book One: Supermundane
was withheld from spiritual seekers for
approximately 56 years, since its
completion around 1938 –
more details: (LINK-1) & (LINK-2). ]
** Agni Yoga, Aum, 71. & Agni Yoga, Heart, 92.
Connecting to the hearts of all:
mankind and 3 lower kingdoms.