5.)  Indeed, During Extraordinary and
Unusual Times (like Now):

"""Anything and Everything Is
Possible—By God’s Will"""

b.)  So earthly knowledge,
measurements and devices cannot

6.)  Lord revealed, during that short
moment of last month’s Total Solar

Powerful Forces Accumulated to
Manifest the Historical, Extraordinary,
Unusual and Unprecedented Hurricane
Harvey [including of course, Irma, Jose
and Katia]

7.)  As Lord explained many times,
worldly events are only reflections
of Heavenly Causes and Events
(iv)  Now Extremely Extraordinary and
Rare Triple Hurricanes
: Irma (reaching
up to Category 5) accompanying by
Jose and Katia (Category 3 hurricanes).

(v)  Even Hurricane Jose recently
becoming a Category 4 hurricane, at
sustained speeds of 150 mph (240
km/h) to destroy what remains on the
smaller islands near the Caribbean Sea
(Leeward Islands, Barbuda, St. Martin,
Virgin Islands, etc..) as 2nd Round of

4.)  This is causing worldly materialistic:
experts and scientists to become
stunned, shocked and clueless about
how and what is happening now ???  

The sudden manifestation of
extraordinary, unprecedented &
unusual hurricanes (like Harvey, Irma,
Jose and Katia) are beyond their
available measurements, computer
data and earthly knowledge.