receive more ‘Eternal Treasures’ even
without asking or expecting rewards.
Because the Great Law of Karma
never forgets, never misses and
never ignores.

4.)  One’s present Good Deeds by
thoughts, speeches and deeds will
reward by many and various ways:

a.)  Clear and erase previous
Karmic Debts.

b.)  Avert imminent misfortune,
suffering and punishment for
previous bad deeds.

c.)  Accumulation of Good Karma
from one’s past and present lifetime
of Good Deeds will affirm and qualify
one for Acceptance by long-waiting
Lord, so on.
Chapter 43

Guidance and Wisdom, Part 4

A.  Lord's Teachings on [Spiritual]
Rewards and Punishments, by
own choice [aka Cause and Effect]

1.)  Disciples should be striving only
for the sake of: self-awakening,
continuous expanding of consciousness
and ultimate self-perfection without
expecting rewards.

2.)  Lord Affirmed that every
SELFLESS: Sacrifice, Service,
Striving and Giving will proportionately
receive effects from Lord and Spiritual
Hierarchy at every moment in due time.

3.)  The more SELFLESS: Sacrifice,
Service and Striving for Common
Good and GOD, the closer and more
accessible to Lord one will be; plus will