5.)  Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy
prohibit worship.

6.)  Spiritual Uplifting must:
Accept, Honor and Apply.

7.)  Lord said our heaven is full of toil
and struggle.  Because out of toil
[or battle], we become invincible;
and pit of struggle becomes beauty.

8.)  Lord will never choose calm surface
of water; instead to accept all
thunderings, because will transform
the Dome of the Universe.

9.)  Lord will send a dove as
messenger, but Lord will descend as
the Eagle
New Symbol: Chalice of

1.)  Lord Maitreya’s Teaching is about:
to become a lion and king of thought.  

Former old symbol was ‘dove of peace’,
but now is ‘chalice of achievement’.  
Each different age has its different

2.)  * Simplicity possesses the power of

3.)  This magnet corresponds to the
new abode.

4.)  Lord’s marching is only with a song.