14.)  Due to free will cannot infringe,
Lord gives us cryptic messages or
separate words.

15.)  Almost all True Teachings are
given from the great lives of the East.

16.)  For a waterspout, there is need of
joint cooperation of actions from above
and below.

17.)  Ancient Atlantis achieved truly

18.)  The light-mindedness of the world
is criminal.

19.)  The tongues of flame denotes the
approaching of fiery storm of the spirit.

20.)  But ignorant people are unwilling
to aware, attentive and understand
Our signal.
10.)  Few are the conscious and willing

11.)  One must learn and know how to:
lead others for Common Good.

12.)  We rejoice when one builder wake
up and aflame with enthusiasm.

13.)  The whole Universe is consist of
many various origins, or primary
elements in a free state – before  

One of the main traits of creative power
is necessity for combinations.

The play of Cosmos is like the flashing
of a many-faceted crystal.

Human mind can only grasp one of
many flashes of a crystal.  It is not sad,
but joyous.