*5.)  Man in pursuit of miracles will
lose Guiding Hand.

[ Notes: Please aware, most important
approach to Fiery Heart (aka Agni Yoga) is
only achievable by total selfless service, self-
forgetting and self-sacrifice. ]

6.)  Ignorant ones have no desire to
renounce their comfortable, complacent
and old: bad habits.

7.)  The world is peopled with shadows.  
Before catastrophe, we see shadows at
the ‘temple of amusements’.

8.)  Man will trembling in terror when
‘hammer and swords’ raise, and hear a
loud and powerful voice: “Awaken

9.)  Indeed, the truth is distressing
[ hurtful and dislike for selfish,
complacent and willfully ignorant
people ].

E.  Some Important Teachings from:
Illumination (Part 3)

1.)  Discipline is the beginning of
everything for achievement, progress
and perfection.

***2.)  Above all joys is the moment
of achievement with smile.

3.)  Teacher walks beside you.  In the
battle, Lord will support your arm.  
Will indicate the solution.

4.)  Everywhere, guardians are walking
behind you.  As time flies, hurry to store
up True Teaching and Knowledge
on time