8.)  Disciples are microcosm of White
Brotherhood of Spiritual Hierarchy.  
Because all true disciples having similar
qualities as Us:

a.)  Selfless and endless striving,
service and labor.

b.)  No sense of finiteness [or limitation].

c.)  No fear.

d.)  No loneliness.

e.)  No sense of ownership of a home
on Earth.

f.)  No attachment to temporary worldly

g.)  But having limitless straight
knowledge and wisdom.
***4.)  When Lord having the Banner
of Spirit one billion, it will be the
sign of Lord’s Army manifestation
fulfillment and seven banners will

[ Notes: We assume is already achieve
and happening now because more than
one billion of mankind having accepted
Lord. ]

5.)  Do not need to looking for true:
friends and brothers.  They who
are ordained for you will themselves
come to you.

6.)  Where people are ready and
expecting, We send Our chosen ones
to right direction for them.

7.)  My Eye — your light,
My Hand — your defense,
My Heart — your anchor.