6.)  Awakened one becomes ‘Carrier of
Cosmic Fire’ emitting light or radiation
or electricity.

7.)  As Fire is all embracing principle,
so Agni Yoga permeating the whole of

8.)  As one’s consciousness gradually
sharpens, in turn the growth of one’s
sensitivity sharpens known five senses,
lead to become super senses.

9.)  Seven senses related to Astral
Body [Fiery Heart] rarely and beautifully
reverberate within the earthly shell like

10.)  The feeling of Agni Yoga is
becoming Truth, like light from a flame.
4.)  Let everyone develop sensitivity,
then success will increase one hundred
fold (x100).

5.)  Spontaneous Radiating from
Awakened One:

a.)  One’s achieved opening centers
can reduce imperfections in one’s
surrounding, by outpouring of radiation
from awakened one.

b.)  It cause to bring sensitivity
development and also offering one’s
own forces for improvement of

c.)  Outpouring Radiation are absorb by
space, call as ‘Lamp of the Desert’
following by ‘Lion of the Desert’.