4.)  Our Abode or Spiritual Hierarchy
unable to reach by those who only
having kindness and knowledge.  

Need True Spirituality by proven

5.)  Initiation is achievable only by
wholeheartedly selfless actions.

6.)  Each disciple is free, but is judge
only by one’s deeds and actions.
B.  Some Important Teachings from:
The Call

Path of Light

1.)  All seekers do not regret time spent
in search for Truth or God.  

One needs Unwavering, Unshakable
and Constant seeking.

2.)  Anything regarding True
Spirituality, unable to buy and achieve
by worldly: money, gold, knowledge
and power.

3.)  Curious investigators and skeptic
ones unable to find and reach Our
Abode.  Only genuine selfless seekers
enable to reach Us.