3.)  One who is unafraid to build link
among the great currents of the
Teachings is Our friend.

4.)  One not fear to see Light,
has an ‘Eagle Eye’.

5.)  One who is fearless to enter
the Fire, is of ‘Fiery Birth’.

6.)  One fearless of what one cannot
see, can pierce the darkness.
II.)  Requirements of Courageous

1.)  The student who is not afraid to
reassess the foundations of Lord’s
Teachings for the purpose of refining
[and synthesizing] one’s knowledge is
on the right path.

2.)  The student who is not afraid

a.)  Because chose, knew and spoke
up for truth and justice, is with Us.

b.)  To be misunderstood by others,
is with Us.

c.)  To be belittled, ridiculed and
intimidated by others, is with Us.