7.)  One should not believe only in
affirmation or declaration.

8.)  As the True Teaching is Infinite,

9.)  So, one should continuously,
ceaselessly and tirelessly striving
towards Truth.

10.)  It is good to remind the conceited
& arrogant ones about ..

•  the grandeur of Infinity.

•  the greatness of millions of years
of life on Earth.

•  the grandeur of the billions
of worlds.
A.  Important Guidelines for
Students of Light Teaching:

I.)  For students or Truth seekers,
must have:

1.)  Approach with all force by
determined strong will;

2.)  Observe by thorough measures;

3.)  Investigate and experiment by
all methods;

4.)  Cognize with all daring;

5.)  Reveal indefatigability;

6.)  Be aflame with each discovery of