(IV)  LMW: If known, we will list the
'point of evolution' and ray structure of
individuals –
in the following order:
a) (point of evolution), (b) soul ray, (c)
personality ray and (
d) mental body ray.
For Example: (2.0), 2, 1 (3), 4.

a.)  Means 2nd-degree planetary
initiate—so passed 1st Initiation, but did
not yet pass 2nd Initiation—during that

As Mr. Creme explained,
mental polarization [
lower manas]
begins about half-way between the
1st and 2nd Initiations (1.5-1.6); while
spiritual polarization [
Higher Manas]
begins around 2.5-2.6.

b-c.)  Soul is on 2nd ray; personality is
on 1st ray, with sub-ray on 3rd ray.

According to Mr. Creme, the sub-ray
is usually the major influencing ray from
the immediately previous life, that must
be overcome, absorbed and diminished
by the major ray establishing itself in
the present life.
d.)  Higher attainment or 'point of
evolution' is not necessarily or directly
related to one’s fame and popularity.

Spiritual Inner: Development,
Achievement, Attainment and Success:

i)  Cannot measure by (degree of)
earthly: fame, status, praise, popularity,
or number of followers—(
causing many
proud & calculating people to easily get
jealous or upset over some numbers

ii)  ...Mainly depends on ""selfless
self-sacrificial service""

(III)  So why Master DK said that,
ordinary ones can achieve
extraordinarily higher than well-known
and famous initiates…

Notes: Because less known ones have
more time to focus mainly on selfless
service, without consuming valuable
time for mixing, socializing and talking
with the public, press and followers. ]