(II)  As we also include the 'point of
evolution' (or 'level of consciousness')
and ray structure (
soul ray, personality
ray, and mental body ray
) of well-known
individuals—from the List of Initiates
provided by Mr. Creme’s Master…

Bear in mind that,

a.)  The 'point of evolution' of initiates is
according to their respective timelines
– so their 'point of evolution' in recent
times, may be different (
those from ancient times

b.)  In very ancient times—very few
attained because (
i) mankind struggled
hard for livelihood, (
ii) had no access to
esoteric teachings (
except those
fortunate recipients, due to various
reasons and karma
), (iii) and lower
was not fully developed like now.

c.)  Another factor is 'speed of evolution
of consciousness)', which varies with
each particular planet – so we cannot
uniformly count and compare 'levels of
Gallery*: Semblances of Light
Beings and Their Disciples on the
Ascending Ladder of Evolution

March 21, 2018,

Welcome Brothers and Sisters,
to LMW’s modest gallery section,

* * *


(I)  Please note that,

a.)  Except for photographs, most
artworks of light beings and disciples
shown here are only imaginary
semblances of them.

b.)  The precise physical form
(or appearance) of incarnate light
beings can change, so we should not
get attached to any particular image.
* Giving credit and thanks to all the artists,
photographers & providers of these images.
Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three.