This in turn, Activates or Ignites the
Divine Spark within one's Heart, lead to
achieve Fiery Heart: Spontaneously
Radiating Fiery "Christ Energy" and
Fiery Consciousness.  This will then
lead to Fiery Purification of every single
cell of one's entire dense physical

a.)  However, one having destructive
and negative thoughts will Unable to
receive the Highest Spiritual Energies,
and 'end up' with self-destruction by

b.)  But one holding: All-Inclusive Love,
"Goal-Fitting Thoughts"

(i)  Will "Attract and Receive" the
Highest Spiritual Energies.

ii)  Lead to achieve harmonious
Highest Spiritual Energies by Synthesis
Samadhi, or Nirvana, or the
Highest State of Inner Consciousness).
Chapter 33
Fiery Purification

A.  Fiery Purification and
Transmutation (or Fiery Baptism)

GOD IS FIRE.  From this Highest Divine
Fire manifests the many and various
levels of fiery manifestation.

Fire IS the Best, Most Powerful Purifier
and Unifier.  Every human being has an
'etheric body' which carries fiery energy
in itself.

As Now, at the End Time of dark age,
Kali Yuga, and Beginning of
Enlightenment Age,
Satya Yuga
at all levels: from Cosmic, through
Space, down to Earth, have reached
Extraordinary 'Highest Spiritual
Tension'; in turn
Intensifying and
Kindling the Fiery energy within all
human beings.