3.)  Provides opportunity for mankind to
become familiar with, to understand and
prepare for the mode or process of
""Lord's Official Reappearance"", or
""Day of Declaration"".

4.)  Provides 'window of opportunity' for
those who have committed serious sins
(out of ignorance or accident), to offset
or clear up forgivable karma by:

a.)  Timely and Genuinely Repent
(proven by never repeating again the
same sin or mistake),

b.)  Totally Change
(by practically expressing only as their
Actual, Primary and Original Identity, or
Divine Soul Nature: selfless,
all-inclusive, joyful, only desiring to
serve God, fearless, detached, etc.),

c.)  Total Self-Correction,
Self-Adjustment and Self-Discipline
cleanse themselves of selfishness, and
achieve pure heart and clear mind),
Chapter 40

Synopsis of Lord Maitreya's
Day of Declaration

A.  First Phase: Creating Climate of
Hope and Expectancy

The period between Lord's emergence
in our world on July 1977 and the
approaching Day of Declaration,
is the preparatory interval allowing:

1.)  Lord to enter the lives of mankind
without infringing sacred free will.

2.)  Provides 'window of opportunity' for
people of goodwill, spiritual aspirants
and disciples to serve Lord by various
ways, to prepare themselves and
spread word of Lord's arrival, missions
and coming Declaration Day.