Everything is moving, happening and
changing quickly according to the
Divine Timeline.  Major events are
happening on Earth and also on
AS ABOVE SO BELOW.  All things are
interconnected and interrelated at each
and every level and plane of
consciousness.  We already know now
that Humankind and Mother Earth are
near the end of a great cycle.  Exits the
old and enters the new.  All that is old is
replaced, transformed or transferred to
the new.  In order for the new better
cycle to begin, the old cycle must end
according to the Divine Plan and
Schedule.  Everything old will be
replaced with the new and nothing can
prevent this great change.

These changes are the necessary,
mandatory, inevitable and scheduled
process to transform Humanity and
Mother Earth to fully realize and bring
HEAVEN ON EARTH and to usher in
Since the old must make way for the
new, this will also apply to race as
well.  The Lemurian race was replaced
by the Atlantean race, and our race
replaced the Atlantean race.  By
“replaced,” it doesn’t mean the wiping
out or destruction of the whole race.  It
is a transition or the passing on the
torch.  Therefore, our race will be
replaced by a new race.  Nothing
happens at the blink of an eye.  
Changes, transformations and
transitions take place constantly and
gradually, and it has been happening
ever since the beginning of Humanity.

If we look back to the history of
Humankind, every civilization and era
always comes to an end to make way
for a new civilization and era.  Each
new civilization and era is better than
the previous.  This is the true evolution
of Humankind.