Dear Sisters and Brothers, please use
our own discernment and wisdom (from
our heart) to discriminate and choose
the following:

1. From Falsehood to Truth (Bogus to

2. From Darkness to Light

3. From Hatred to All-Inclusive Love

4. From Separation to Unity

5. From Destruction to Construction

6. From Fear to Courage, Joy and Bliss

7. From Imprisonment to True Liberty

8. From War to Peace and Harmony

9. From Malevolent to Benevolent

10. From Earth (Hell) to Heaven (on

11. From Arrogance to Humbleness
12. From Selfish to Selfless (Sharing
and Service)

13. From Complexity to Simplicity

May Divine Light, Love, Peace and
Justice always shining on each and
every living being and Mother Earth!

At this moment, the Dark Forces are
willfully and wishfully trying to destroy
everything and everybody even the
whole planet.

The whole planet and humanity will
definitely be destroyed without Divine
Intervention in time.  Watch out sisters
and brothers!  Choose and support
the Light Force (World Teachers and
Ascended Masters) now!

Always Fear Not!  The Light Force
(World Teachers and Ascended
Masters) are always shinning on us
with their protection and love.  Divine
Intervention is destined to prevail!