Dark forces are now extremely
desperate to create more fears,
destructions, manipulations and the
control of humanity in order to
continue their power, wealth and
existence.  They clearly realize that it is
sunset time for them soon.  Now they
are losing their power and control,
because of the light forces (love, light
and peace always prevail and never
fail).  They could not continue to
pretend and lie that they are
self-claimed, extraordinary, elite,
exceptional, God-chosen race or
people.  Because of Divine Light
shining on them to unmask and expose
their real identity and face based on
falsehood.  Their old manipulative,
unjustice and abusive strategies does
not work anymore and they must face
the inevitable Truth that they will
eventually lose!
The Dark forces have only one choice
which is to change their ways of
separateness, selfishness, control and
unjustice and surrender.  They have to
choose peace, equal respect,
all-inclusive love, harmony and right
relationship and the unity of all
humankind as ONENESS.  Otherwise
they have to perish by great Divine law
of cause and effect on their own
destructive accord soon!

Each and every sister and brother,
now is the most crucial time to AWAKE
world peace, harmony and true liberty.