Chapter 20 - World Wide Crisis

Now the end of the old time and the
beginning of the new time has
obviously already in process from the
year 2006 onwards.

Those who were hiding their evil
identities and past and present actions
(manipulations, abuses, lies,
falsehood, pretensions, intentions,
illegal occupation and stealing of land
and technology and the killing of
innocents) are unable to continue to
hide anymore.  So they are unmasking
and exposing their true evil doer face
accompanied with fears, failures and

From every individual to every nation
are now divided into two.  They are
divided into those who support all
good, light, love and peace, and those
who chose darkness, hatred,
aggression, destruction and
Now we are almost already at the peak
of crisis, wars and natural disasters.  
We are on the brink of the destruction
of the whole planet and humanity.

Divine intervention, help and
assistance will appear soon!  Light
forces (World Teacher and Ascended
Masters) will appear when darkness is
extremely deep!  Are you ready?