into our Soul nature of selfless purpose
and higher desire, we will definitely
escape and survive the coming massive
destruction of all who fail to connect
with, evoke and reclaim their True Self

So this guidance is to help our sisters
and brothers to safely and correctly
approach and adjust themselves to the
coming Golden Age Civilization in the
not too distant future.

Please remember, our Elder Brothers
and Sisters from the Spiritual Hierarchy
are doing their best behind the scenes
to guide, direct, uplift and protect
humanity and the planet from massive
destruction, ever since World War II
until now.  However, They can only
show us the way out of our problems
by offering humanity guidance and
solutions.  They will never infringe the
law of free will, so our own individual
and collective future depends entirely
on the choices we each make now.

As more of humanity willingly accepts,
adjusts to and practices Their advice,
guidance, teachings and solutions –
then humankind will be able to save the
planet and
only those who can change
and adjust to Spiritual Hierarchy.  

Always remember that we are not
meant to be slaves to our animal nature
or physical bodies.  Each and every
human being is also a child of GOD.  
We are also Spirit - our souls
embodying and experiencing through a
physical form inherited from the animal
kingdom.  So we each having full divine
right and power within our hearts, we
just need to evoke, awake and reclaim
this divine right and power.

A lot of the old systems and forms that
are no longer benevolent and no more
serving for the betterment of all, must
and will eventually perish.

Always fear not!  Be alert, aware,
awake, assure and equip ourselves with
the truths and preparations.  We have
confidence many can change on time.  
The betterment of humankind will
prevail!  Always be positive!  Have
confidence that we will change on time.