Chapter 15 - World Servers

Under the title of World Servers there
are many diverse New Group of World
Servers in almost every field.

Magnificent Purpose of New Group
of World Servers

They provide all inclusive (all races,
cultures, gender, religions, etc.) and
selfless service without any
reservations.  They are totally neutral
(not siding with any partisanships,
religions, institutions or politics).  

They welcome and accept all.

Their goals are the betterment of
humanity, peace and unity through
sharing and cooperation, worldwide
sisterhood and brotherhood, and

They are all in physical body form,
without any organization, authority and
ceremonial rituals.  They are stealthily,
steadily and powerfully effective.
They volunteered themselves and are
gathered here by the power of their
higher mental mind responding to
Spiritual impulse and humanity in need.  
They are gathered here out of all
races, cultures, religion, and fields.

Characteristics of New Group of
World Servers

1. All inclusive kindness, respect, love,
help and guidance.

2. Humbleness, higher tolerance,
higher intellectuality and mental

3. None authoritative and independent.

4. Open minded, open vision and open

5. Not serving for any fame, recognition
or merit.

6. Always behind the scenes serving
without pride, glamour and selfishness.