Chapter 11 - Preparation

Now as the very powerful incoming new
(Aquarius) energy becomes stronger
and stronger on earth, we would like to
share our best of knowledge regarding
the preparation of awakening follow by
the initiation process.

Reprogramming with spiritual realities

Try to get rid of all the conditioning and
false beliefs such as born sinners or
personal punishment from God.

Remember we are eternal souls not
fragile physical bodies.

Reprogram with our spiritual realities
We are all equal children of God and
great sacrificing solar angels that are
serving the master divine plan on
earth.  We all have unlimited potentials
to become perfected master and finally
like our parent (God).  We are spirits
(monad, divine spark of God) in
physical body experiencing on the
physical plane.
The one and only most important and
main purpose of life on earth is soul
liberation, and then it is higher
consciousness and evolution.

Clear our mind by removing all
unnecessary: negative thoughts, false
impressions, sensual pleasures,
attachments and materials.

Make self initiative for Awakening

Intent is most important.  We must have
the intention for soul liberation and the
initiation process.

Always ask one's: Soul, higher (True)
Self, Spirit (Monad, divine spark) and
Masters for help and guidance.

Always be willing to accept whatever,
whenever, wherever during the
Awakening process.

Be ready to surrender (renounce) one's
lower (false) self for our real higher
True Self and Being.