g.  One of the most important way is to
minimize poverty and hunger by sharing
what we have as extra or in excess
(without affecting our own livelihood) of
money, food, clothing and whatever we

Remember not to waste (
what we have)
while others suffer.

Divine Laws:

We would like to mention first of all
about two of the more important laws
(out of several laws).

Cause and Effect

One of the most important and
dominant law.  Action and Reaction.  
We reap what we sow.  What we send
out, the same equal will return to us.  
No exceptions.
b.  Rebirth

The next important law is the law of
rebirth.  Please refer back to
Chapter 9
for more details.

Please remember once again that
there is no such thing as:

(i)  "eternal hell fire" punishment

(ii)  born as sinner,

(iii)  and many other fear-based
misinformations and false dogmas...

* * *

The Truth shall set us free !!!
* But under the Law of Cause and Effect, by our own wrong
choices (like selfishness) we punish ourselves; not God.