Welcome to Light Middle Way

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Please WAKE UP

As truth seekers, we believe we have
the spiritual responsibility to express, to
indicate and to share our experiences,
inspirations and personal views
regarding ONLY about the TRUTH.

First of all, we should ask and seek the
reasons (real root cause behind
mainstream media, government and
society) of why now, we are facing
almost continuously more and more
natural disasters, war, hunger, poverty
and the spread of diseases.

According to our personal research and
seeking, nothing happens by accident.  

Everything is happening is accordance
with TIME and the target schedule
2012.  Physical world events are the
reflection of the higher realm.
We strongly believe we will have a
brighter future closely ahead of us, and
it is going to be an era that is full of
peace, joy and prosperity.  But before
this peaceful time can come, we have to
face and witness many of both natural
and man-made disasters.  In fact,
judgment day has already arrived, and
we are already at the crossroads now.

To our personal best of knowledge,
judgment day is the time when we have
to personally choose (either) to change
ourselves by practicing the awareness
of the truth, (or) we can simply do
nothing, keep our silence and just
continue our meaningless life.

But nobody can hide, sidestep or
escape from judgment day, and the
coming of all kinds of natural and
man-made disasters; and also the
collapse of our social and financial
systems (as we know them now).  

Many of the existing old systems that
we are accustomed to will disintegrate
and collapse.