Let us now ask the question:

"How can we distinguish True Spiritual
Teachers, from All False prophets,
false spiritual teachers and false

Firstly and very simply:

Whenever or whoever Lacking Some,
All, or the Opposite
of the 1-9
Earlier-mentioned True Spiritual
Teacher Characteristics and Qualities,
ARE Without Doubt and Safe to
Assure to be: False prophets, false
spiritual teachers, false
gurus, or
trained agents of dark masters.

So always Be Aware and Vigilant, to
wisely Avoid them.  Because most of
them are working to Deceive or
Detour: Innocent, Sincere and Honest
Spiritual Seekers
Away from Genuine
True Teachings that Will Assure Direct
Approach, Direction and Ensure
Communion with Inner
Living Christ, or
Living Buddha or GOD.
Chapter 37 - End Times False
Prophets and Final Battle or

A.  False Prophets and False
Spiritual Teachers

In Chapter 35 we mention what are the
Genuine Characteristics or Qualities of
a True Spiritual Teacher.  

True Spiritual Teachers take very
seriously the Earlier-mentioned
Genuine True Teacher Qualities as
they must Strictly Obey Divine Laws.  
As an example, they will never infringe
mankind's free will, nor allow
themselves to become hypocrites;
because otherwise they know they
must proportionately 'Pay Back'.

They are Always Totally Obedient to All
Divine Laws.