5.)  Only by consciously cooperating
with higher worlds (or Spiritual
Hierarchy) through Totally and
Selflessly STRIVING towards Highest
(or Infinity), enable mankind to achieve
predestined and preordained goals and
fulfill God's assigned tasks.

6.)  Only by Agni Yoga can mankind
achieve Fiery Heart and Fiery
Consciousness, by merging with
Spatial Fire, through Holding "Goal-
Fitting Thoughts" enabling Higher
Consciousness to Become new and
higher Sixth Race

7.)  When man achieves own Fiery
Heart through own constant and
unwavering Striving, then enable to
directly Connect with Cosmic Heart.

8.)  Lord Maitreya Affirmed the Cosmic
Tension of the Mother Fire of AGNI
YOGA.  There is a correlation between
the fire of man's Spirit and Centers, and
the Fire of Space: Affirming New Life,
New Forms, New Race, New
Consciousness and New World.
Chapter 39 - Agni Yoga

A.  AGNI YOGA: Truths and Facts

for Discern, Think, Understand, Assimilate,
Remember and must always Practice
in order to continue Higher Evolution and
Achieve Ultimate Liberation, Immortality and

1.)  Man is the highest manifestation
(or creation) in the universe.  Man
containing 3 Higher and 3 lower worlds.

2.)  Earth and mankind is the highest of
all lower worlds.  Mankind is bridge
(4th kingdom) between 3 Higher and
3 lower worlds.

3.)  Man alone cannot advance
spiritually without Spiritual Hierarchy's
guidance and assistance.

4.)  All of man's actions and efforts are
spiritually fruitless without Spiritual
Hierarchy's assistance and guidance.
* Includes 6th Subrace of 5th Root Race.