Please do not forget to do
""Selfless Heart Prayers for
Common Good"" and daily
""Holding Goal Fitting Thoughts,""
especially during the three days
before and after the 21st of May,
""Wesak Full Moon Day.""

By doing so, we can consciously
join and participate along with Sanat
Kumara, Buddha, Lord Maitreya, all the
Masters, all disciples, plus all truly
goodwill people around the world at the
same time; that is extremely important
and powerful to accelerate evolution
process by cleansing purification and
Fiery Transformation through Fiery

Always thanks for doing this,
and every selfless service
Chapter 46

Collections of Essential and
Important Agni Yoga Teachings

Welcome back sisterly and brotherly
spiritual seekers


Wesak Full Moon

Every month of May,
during the Birthday of Buddha,
the ""Wesak Full Moon"" powerfully
affects and influences mankind: will
uplifting to all selfless servers, but
catastrophe and crises to ignorant,
selfish and dark ones

So always be: Prepared, All Times
Alert, Ready and Vigilant for effects,
between the 3 days before and 3 days
after, of coming ""Wesak Full Moon""
on the 21st of May, 2016
!!!  Thanks.