Because of the Following Reasons:

4.)  Now at End Times, we are all facing
Three Extraordinary Simultaneous

a.)  Spiritual Hierarchy Crisis,

b.)  Planetary Crisis,

c.)  Humanity Crisis.

5.)  Evil Wicked ‘dark ones’ are not
only from Earth;

a.)  But also gathering from other
degenerated & decomposing ‘failed
planets’—becoming like our nearest &
most visible dead planet—the moon

b.)  All those Evil Wicked, lowly evolve
beings from those disintegrating,
degenerating & decomposing, almost
dead planets –
are now join forces with
Evil Wicked ‘dark ones’ of our Earth
Humanity Crisis, Planetary Crisis
and Spiritual Hierarchy Crisis

Dear Loving Brothers and Sisters,

Please Remember the Truth,

)  ..Take Lightly about the End Times,

2.)  ..Doing Nothing,

3.)  ..Thinking that one will enable to
Easily, Comfortably and Smoothly:

a.)  Pass All Difficulties,

b.)  Celebrate and Enter
""Heaven on New Earth"",