2.)  But For All Subsequent Spiritual:
Progress; Attainments; Initiations,
Higher Evolution and Ultimate
Achievement of Liberation,
Immortality and Perfection..

IS mainly depending on ‒ as follows:

*a.)  1st Most Essential:
one’s Accumulated (or Sum Total)
Karma (or Weighing of ‘Good Deeds’
versus ‘bad deeds’),

*** Meaning: Only Good Karma allow
to help one’s Higher Evolution.

)  2nd Most Essential: Only by
one’s Continuous & Constant:
Selfless Services (or Labors)

Enable one to Receive ""The Divine:
Helping Hand, Energies and Rays""

*c.)  3rd Most Essential: Plus,
Must Study, Assimilate, Remember,
Complying and Applying Lord’s Agni
Yoga Teachings, in Daily Life
•••  Important Reminder for those
pursuing Miracles and Blessings

1.)  Indeed, whenever one encounters
Benevolent ‘Light Being(s)’:

a.)  It Is Auspicious & Good Omen
(or Sign);

b.)  Encounter will at least,
having the following benefits:


 Elation (Joy);



 Higher Inspiration.