4.)  total lack of:

i)  True Love (Compassion);

ii)  Gratitude;

iii)  Trust in God, through Lord.

5.)  failure to striving themselves
by their own hands, feet, sweat & if
necessary, blood.

[ Notes: in other words:
doing nothing,
and waiting for miraculous saving by
God, through Lord.

*** Remember, only those who have
mercy and grateful to God—
returning selfless services to God
—Will God, in turn have Mercy and
Gratitude—by giving Helping Hand.
Causes of mankind’s goal-unfitness
for Evolution

Most of mankind’s Spirit is now:
passive, sleeping, immobile and

By the following Causes:

1.)  ignorance.

2.)  selfishness.

3.)  stupidity.*

[ * ..by pursuing & attaching to
temporary, perishable worldly things—
at the price of one’s Permanent, Non-
Perishable, Immortal Spiritual Soul &

So why the majority of mankind are
working for the ‘Black Lodge’ or ‘forces
of darkness’. ]