(i)  ..For has not the whole of humanity
now divided itself into the followers of
the Black or White Brotherhoods?

actually, the vast majority are
with the dark ones
, and there are as
many degrees of these members as
there are consciousnesses.

(ii)  .. The Black Lodge does exist
and is very powerful, because it
acts through the masses
, and its
best servants are recruited from the
feeble-minded, the lukewarm, and the
. ..

(iii)  “ ..Armageddon is a decisive
battle between the forces of Light
and darkness

[ Notes: Lord affirmed that Battle, or
Armageddon is Strength of Spiritual
Hierarchy, because after achieve
Higher Tension – Affirm Victory for
‘Forces of Light’. ]
Y.  Light Middle Way Update
December 2016

Section I.

True Coming, Biblical & Historic
""Final End Times Events""

* * *

""Final Seven Years Purification""
(aka Tribulation, or Purgatory Process)

A)  Stages and Times of Departing
‘Unfit and Left-Behind’ of Mankind

)  As three-quarters (3/4) of
failed to Align and Conform
themselves with Cosmic Magnet (or
*, through Lord and Spiritual

So unable to Save and Protect by
Cosmic Chain (or Link), and pass to
safe places..
* Agni Yoga, Infinity II, 58.
Agni Yoga, Letters of Helena Roerich II, 1936-L37.
Agni Yoga, Letters of Helena Roerich II, 1937-L1.
Note: does NOT refer to skin color or race.