*b.)  But the heaviness of
selfishness – draws one to the
lower spheres

8.)  Only those surrounded by the wall
of selfishness, may affirm self-conceit.

a.)  Therefore, an obstructive wall
remains on the way,

b.)  and only the destruction of this
wall, will bring us to the first step of


a.)  is bred by ignorance,

b.)  closes all the ways to knowledge,

c.)  deprives man of
continuous and
*3.)  When the spirit surrounds the
manifested power of its essence with
burdensome accumulations, it
from striving

*4.)  The burdens are so heavy that the
spirit loses its approach to the Tower

*5.)  So why those who know this
affirmation, move ahead by transmuting
their ego [false personality].

***6.)  When the spirit does not
strive to outlive its burdens,
it attracts the affirmed obstacle.

)  Thus, there is a balance between
striving and consequences

*a.)  The wings of spirit – bring the
power of soaring to the higher