***17.)  The aura saturating with
devotion to Spiritual Hierarchy is
able to resist any attack of the dark

*a.)  Not for a single moment,
should we allow
doubt or deviation
from this focus of Light.

)  Devotion and ‘Purity of
’ is our only ‘anchor’ in the
chaos of the raging elements.
*15.)  Only the:

*a.)  Power of Devotion;

*b.)  and Striving to Serve the Great
[Spiritual] Hierarchy of Light;

Can save one from the widely spread
snares of the ‘Prince of the World’.

***16.)  Let us tense all our forces,
so that by the purity of thought
[or ""Goal-fitting Thoughts""] we may
create an ""impenetrable armor"".

a.)  The attempts of the ‘dark ones’ to
rend our auras are inevitable,

*b.)  But if the protecting net is strong
enough, these attacks are easily
repelled without bringing any harm to

c.)  Usually, these attacks affect our
weakest organs.