3.)  Only when Higher dominates –
then the lower, through transmutation,
regenerates into a higher quality of

4.)  Annihilation
does not exist for:

a.)  an Arhat,

b.)  Cosmic creations,

c.)  The Mother of the World.

[ Notes: especially important for those
who believe in annihilation, especially
from distorted Buddhism—wrongly
taught as “nothingness” or “emptiness”,

—which promotes: no action; negation
(or opposition) to striving; self-defeat;
and hopeless. ]

X.  Synopsis of Important Teachings
from Agni Yoga (Part 5)

Section I.

Purification by Fiery Transmutation

Way to Regeneration,
not annihilation

1.)  Cosmos foundation is base on the
lower subordinating to the Higher.

2.)  It is Cosmic Law – so by conform
with this, lead to purification.