3.)  Thirdly: Constant and Continuous
Holding of ""Goal-fitting Thoughts""
‘Good for All’ Thoughts.

B)  Effects and Results:

1.)  Higher Vibration or Tension at Mind
(Manas, or Mental Plane);

2.)  Trigger Fire-by-Friction;

3.)  Lead to Awakening Inner
Consciousness (or Solar Fire, or
Christ Energy);

4.)  Achieve Union (or Blending) with
fire-by-friction (lower mind, or
, or 'Dweller on the Threshold',
or personality);
How does one achieve Full
Spiritual Awakening and the above-
mentioned Spiritual Qualities ???

Short and simple answer is,

A)  Cause:

***Only By:
Correctly Approach True
Spirituality, by
Consciously, Willingly,
Unwaveringly (Firmly), Selflessly and

1.)  Firstly: Continuous Selfless Labors
and Services
, through self-Forgetting
and self-Sacrifice
(of own selfish
false personality).

2.)  Secondly: Daily, Constant &
Complying and Applying
All True Teachings