2.)  As Lord Buddha reminded,
one should not blindly accept,
or believe just because a teacher
said so [himself]

3.)  So one should taking
full self-responsibility to:

*a.)  Assimilate, absorb, comply,
test, experiment & experience;

*b.)  To affirm and prove that Teaching
is true;

*c.)  Only then, must apply this true &
tested Teaching for one’s entire life
W.  Light Middle Way Update
November 2016

Section I.

Always Remember..
Truth is the Highest Authority

1.)  As Whole Truth is the Highest
and True Religion;

So every spiritual (or truth) seeker
strictly: ‘sticking to’, focusing &
emphasizing only on Truths and
True Teachings – regardless of:

a.)  personality & personal authority,

b.)  fame, status & reputation,

c.)  number of followers,

d.)  wealth,

..of any True teacher !