3.)  Let us firmly hold this nearest link,
in order to:
not lose our union with the
Whole Chain.

[ Notes: Nobody can (spiritually) afford
to lose this nearest link and union with
the Whole Chain. ]

* Only by conscious earthly life

)  Can provide the foundation for our:

a.)  further and higher progress;

b.)  ultimate perfection;

*c.)  conscious existence in the
Subtle World.

V.  Synopsis of Important Teachings
from Agni Yoga (Part 4)

Section I.

Spiritual Accumulations

Law of Spiritual Hierarchy

1.)  IS most firm, oldest, nearest and
shortest link (or chain) to ""the Whole
Chain of Cosmic Magnet (or Heart)"",

2.)  Created by ‘Great White Lodge’
(or ‘White Brotherhood’) through long
approach, and accumulations of
thousands of years,