3.)  Esoteric Buddha Teachings for

4.)  Almost all true spiritual teachings
given by ‘fully Awakened’ & highly
evolved teachers, are from the East.

5.)  Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s
The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled,
by transmission from Master Morya &
Master K.H., through Master D.K.

6.)  The Alice Bailey books, aka
‘received works’ transmitted to her by
the Master D.K.

The Mahatma Letters to A.P.
, from Master Morya &
Master K.H., authored by A.P. Sinnett.
U.  Light Middle Way Update
October 2016

Section I.

Sources of Teaching:

1.)  “Ocean of the Teaching” (aka the
ancient ‘Ageless Wisdom Teaching’,
or Planetary Level Teaching) is Source.

*2.)  The highest and best Teaching for
Earth mankind, is
Lord Maitreya’s
Agni Yoga Teaching"" (transmitted
through Helena Roerich), because:

a.)  It is the highest, all-containing &
synthesis of all previous Teachings.

b.)  It is intended for coming,
new and higher: 6th race.

c.)  It will become pure science of future.