a.)  Honesty,

b.)  Forgetting of self,

c.)  Selfless Service.

*4.)  Manifestation of each trait will give
the spirit ""the sword against egotism""
[one’s false pride, or selfish personality].

5.)  Not the hand of karmic tension, but
the hand of self-exertion – will hold for
the spirit that gleaming sword.

6.)  Let us remember that fire which
gives ‘tension to the motive’.

7.)  Let the spirit of egotism thus
approach the fiery transmutation.

T.  Synopsis of Important Teachings
from Agni Yoga (Part 3)

Section I.

Intention and Motive

*** Motive ***

1.)  From the heart resounding,
reveals the words of hidden motives.

2.)  It is very important to realize
impartially, the intentions of the spirit.

***3.)  Three ‘traits of character’ will
help to cognize the potentiality of