***4.)  The First, of all many
Essentially Necessary and Important is:

""To focus to achieve Awakening
and continuous expanding of inner
consciousness"" only attainable by
constant and continuous ‘Striving
for Common Good’ and ‘Selfless

)  The most Unacceptable,
out of many is:

a.)  Betrayal;

)  Treason;

)  Insincerity;

)  Light-mindedness;

)  and Falsehood.
First things first

1.)  We should apply in daily life,
in everything, by the
""common sense rule"" :

*** First thing of the most essential
importance, DO FIRST

2.)  Because when one focusing the:
not essentially important; and petty,
trivial things – then inevitably and
miss and lose the most
essentially vital and important

3.)  So always ask to make sure and
know, two most important things:

a.)  What is the most essentially
necessary and importance?

b.)  What is the most unacceptable by
Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy?