4.)  Now also time to reexamine Our old
paths, signs, designs and methods –
used in accordance with: ages (or
times); mankind’s level of
consciousness; and Earth situations.

***5.)  Perfection on Earth by:

a.)  First: disciple must achieve and
enable to taking conscious and full self-
responsibilities, daily and all times—for
own single: thought, speech and deed,
throughout entire life.

Second: to achieve ""improvement,
refinement and perfectment of disciple’s
physical apparatus and forms"", that
must: efficient, fit, match and suitable
for inner Divine Soul expression,
without hindrance and limitations.

This is the purposes of every mankind
living on Earth.
S.  Light Middle Way Update
September 2016

Section I.

Coming New Era of Authentic

1.)  Now the time comes for, We
(Lord and Spiritual Hierarchy) choose
""those who having True Knowledge
and authentic Eternal Beauty within
themselves""—become Our best
‘chosen ones’.

2.)  Lord said that, now the time comes
to Claim, Say and Affirm: “Every
‘chosen ones’ belong to Us only”

3.)  Then those, Our best ‘chosen ones’
will affirm to make ""our best, beautiful,
benevolent and magnificent