***11.)  Only by Higher Tension,
creative spirit enable to propel in
the direction of Light.

) One & Same primary energy:

a.)  Many different names:
psychic energy, solar energy, etc.

***b.)  Religious names:

Sophia of the Hellenic world,

Sara-svati of the Hindus,

(iii)  The
Holy Ghost of the Christians

(iv)  Creative
Adonai of Israel,

Mithra of Persia,

(vi)  Full of solar power.
7.)  Labor is as creation of:

a.)  New combinations.

b.)  Construction of new step.

***8.)  First most important and greatest
task of Spiritual Striving is:

*a.)  Creation of man with creative

b.)  As creation of human forms is
regard as most important, highest
Cosmic Task.

*9.)  Second most important is finding
helpful Cosmic Rays, that can mold
human spirit into creative.

*10.)  Third most important task is:
human consciousness must transform
and enable to enter a special world.