4.)  Endless labor is already on the
significant level of path; leads to victory.

5.)  Labor is relate to consciousness
and psychic energy.

Labor is:

a.)  A natural saturation of life.

b.)  One of most essentially important
foundation of life.

***c.)  Because as Lord said,
Selfless Labor is First CAUSE; and
achievement of Cosmic Fire is only the
EFFECT of First CAUSE: Selfless Labor.

*d.)  Process of perfection.

R.  Synopsis of Important Teachings
from Agni Yoga (Part 2)

Section I.

Most Important to Remember

1.)  Energy can only take form when in
contact with human consciousness.

2.)  Both labors by thought and
physical, can gather from Space and
lead to achieve predestined perfection.

3.)  Both conscious and consecrated
labor under the Light of Spiritual
Hierarchy, is affirmed to Victory.